Hello Volunteers! Thank you for the consideration of your time to volunteer for Hoosiers Outrun Cancer. Our event would never be what it is without you.

With special consideration for everyone associated with your Hoosiers Outrun Cancer 5K event, all in-person activities for our 2020 5K fundraiser have been suspended and the event will go on 100% VIRTUAL. What this means for participants is that the typical fundraising competition, organizing of TEAMS, and race event registration will occur as it usually does. However, in lieu of the typical “LIVE” and in-person race day activities at Indiana University Memorial Stadium, Hoosiers Outrun Cancer will instead host an ONLINE event presentation scheduled for 10am on September 26th.


SInce none of this year's activities will require volunteers what we are hoping you will do is help us promote the race or fundraise. If you participate in social media there are several tools available you can use to help Hoosiers Outrun Cancer reach our fundraising goals. See the official HOC fundraising registration page to create you own personal fundraising webpage at HOC fundraising page .


On Saturday, September 26th at 10am we hope everyone engages VIRTUALLY in HOOSIERS OUTRUN CANCER by coming together ONLINE for our 21st annual event presentation. We envision HOC teams and individuals donning their race numbers and event tees, then going outside where ever you are to walk or run in support and memory of all of our friends and loved ones who are currently in the battle, who have survived the battle, and also those we have lost to Cancer. From start to finish we hope you take and post photos, post comments, and raise more funds via your social media platform of choice.


However you choose to participate we thank you for your support and hope to see you back again next year!